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There are many things to consider to ensure the school is the best fit for your child’s learning and development. This includes location, transport, curriculum focus, facilities and extra-curricular activities to name a few.

It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to introduce you to Kerang Technical High School.  I believe Kerang Technical High School provides the right mix of academic, elective and extra-curricular activities to make it the best possible setting for your child.   As a parent, I would want to know that my child is happy at school, that my child is safe at school and that my child is receiving the best possible education. The staff, structures and procedures in place at Kerang Technical High School ensure that this is the case.  With a caring staff and an open-door policy, we like to work closely with all parents to make sure that students have the best possible opportunities academically and socially to be their best.  If an issue arises, we are keen for parents to contact the school so we can work closely with them to resolve it as quickly as possible.  No question is too small and no issue is unimportant to us.

Next year you will be starting a new chapter in your lives.  Your child will be going from being the eldest at school to the youngest, they will also socialise with many students they do not know, learning how to get along with them and find their place. These are some of the challenges but they can also become some of the best memories, cherished, due to a welcoming environment full of opportunities, both academically and socially.

One of our strengths is the diversity of subjects we are able to offer.  In Year 7 students will be introduced to a range of subjects including, Mathematics, English, History/Geography, Physical Education, Health, Science, Music, Indonesian, Digital Learning, Woodwork, Metalwork, Food Studies and Art.  This will give everyone a taste of what is on offer and, as they progress through the years, they will be able to specialise, targeting those subjects they most enjoy.

The building modernisation program is gaining pace and your child’s time at Kerang Technical High School has seen a new Food Technology complex built, the Library transformed into a 21st century learning space and the Art rooms incorporated into the Technology wing.  These are exciting times.

Finally, I would like to recommend Kerang Technical High School to you.  Over the years we have had students achieve excellent results, both academically and in the trade subjects.  This has occurred in a safe and caring environment.  I look forward to developing the partnership with you and your family, enriching your lives and the school’s both this year and for the remainder of your child’s schooling.

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Please do not hesitate to contact our Junior School Leader- Miss Zoe Ferrier for more information.

Dean Rogers—Principal

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