Our Staff

Current Staff 2022 – Positions of Responsibility

Administration Management team    
Principal Mr Dean Rogers Dean.Rogers@education.vic.gov.au  
Assistant Principal Mr Dean Smith Dean.Smith@education.vic.gov.au  
Teaching and Learning Leader Mrs Kathryn Thomson Kathryn.Thomson@education.vic.gov.au  
Senior School Leader Mr Nathan Henry Nathan.Henry@education.vic.gov.au  
Junior School Leader Miss Zoe Ferrier Zoe.Ferrier@education.vic.gov.au  
Mrs Anna Mason Anna.Mason@education.vic.gov.au  
Learning Specialist Ms Marianne Gadsby Marianne.Gadsby@education.vic.gov.au  
Wellbeing Ms. Sharon Champion Sharon.Champion@education.vic.gov.au  
Year Level Coordinators
Year 7 Coordinator Miss Zoe Ferrier Zoe.Ferrier@education.vic.gov.au  
Year 8 Coordinator Mr Jonathon Roberts Jonathon.Roberts@education.vic.gov.au  
Year 9 Coordinator Mrs Anna Mason Anna.Mason@education.vic.gov.au  
Year 10-11 Coordinator Mr Will Stevenson William.Stevenson@education.vic.gov.au  
Year 12 Coordinator Mr Nathan Henry Nathan.Henry@education.vic.gov.au  
House Management team
Loddon House Mr Brad Morison Bradley.Morison@education.vic.gov.au  
Murray House Mrs Krystal Grills Krystal.Grills@education.vic.gov.au  
Positions of Responsibility    
Professional Development Mrs Kathryn Thomson Kathryn.Thomson@education.vic.gov.au  
I.T. Manager Mr Richard Baby Richard.Baby@education.vic.gov.au  
Timetabler Mr Dean Smith Dean.Smith@education.vic.gov.au  
Daily Operations Mr Dean Smith Dean.Smith@education.vic.gov.au  
Reports Mrs Kathryn Thomson Kathryn.Thomson@education.vic.gov.au  
English Faculty team
Domain Leader Mrs Donna Oosterlaak Donna.Oosterlaak@education.vic.gov.au  
  Ms Marianne Gadsby Marianne.Gadsby@education.vic.gov.au  
  Mrs Anna Mason Anna.Mason@education.vic.gov.au  
  Mr Ivan Khalid Ivan.Khalid@education.vic.gov.au  
  Mrs Helen Williams Helen.Williams@education.vic.gov.au  
Maths Faculty team
Domain Leader Mr Brendon Beard Brendon.Beard@education.vic.gov.au  
  Mr Daniel Nemtsas Daniel.Nemtsas@education.vic.gov.au  
  Mrs Cailin Meaden Brett.Vevers@education.vic.gov.au  
  Ms Tlarnee Lake Tlarnee.Lake@education.vic.gov.au  
Science Faculty team
Domain Leader Mrs Cailin Meaden Cailin.Meaden@education.vic.gov.au  
  Mr Brendon Beard Brendon.Beard@education.vic.gov.au  
  Mrs Donna Oosterlaak Donna.Oosterlaak@education.vic.gov.au  
  Mr Brad Morison Bradley.Morison@education.vic.gov.au  
  Mrs Hannah Aumann Hannah.Aumann@education.vic.gov.au  
Laboratory Technician Ms Belinda Batchelor Belinda.Batchelor@education.vic.gov.au  
Technology Faculty team
Domain Leader Mr Jonathan Roberts Jonathan.Roberts@education.vic.gov.au  
  Mr Ian McClay Ian.Mcclay@education.vic.gov.au  
  Ms Julie Pearce Julie.Pearce@education.vic.gov.au  
  Mrs Krystal Grills Krystal.Grills@education.vic.gov.au  
Humanities Faculty team
Domain Leader Mr Ivan Khalid Ivan.Khalid@education.vic.gov.au  
  Mr Will Stevenson Will.Stevenson@education.vic.gov.au  
  Ms Jan McClure Janet.Mcclure@education.vic.gov.au
  Ms Marianne Gadsby Marianne.Gadsby@education.vic.gov.au
Arts Faculty team
Domain Leader Mr Paul Oswin Paul.Oswin@education.vic.gov.au
  Mr Sam Bentley Sam.Bentley@education.vic.gov.au
HPE Faculty Team
Domain Leader Miss Zoe Ferrier Zoe.Ferrier@education.vic.gov.au
  Mr Luke Murphy Luke.Murphy@education.vic.gov.au
  Mr Nathan Henry Nathan.Henry@education.vic.gov.au
  Mr Travis McMahon Travis.McMahon@education.vic.gov.au
Wellbeing Team
Wellbeing Coordinator Ms Sharon Champion Sharon.Champion@education.vic.gov.au
School Nurse Ms Meg Irvin Margaret.Irvin@education.vic.gov.au
Student Welfare Mrs Kate O’Regan Kate.Oregan@education.vic.gov.au
VASS/Careers Advisor Mr Nathan Henry Nathan.Henry@education.vic.gov.au
Careers Advisor/ VET Ms Jan McClure Janet.Mcclure@education.vic.gov.au
Koori Educator Mr Maurice Day Maurice.Day@education.vic.gov.au
Integration / Lockers Mr Dale Hall Dale.Hall@education.vic.gov.au
Integration Mrs Tamara Ritchie Tamara.Ritchie@education.vic.gov.au
Integration Mrs Leanne Dingwall Leanne.Dingwall@education.vic.gov.au
Library team
Librarian Ms Natalie Rose Natalie.Rose2@education.vic.gov.au
Library Assistant Mrs Leanne Dingwall Leanne.Dingwall@education.vic.gov.au
Office team
Business Manager Mrs Stacey Kelly Stacey.Kelly@education.vic.gov.au
Administration Ms Debbie Cottrell Debra.Cottrell@education.vic.gov.au
Administration Miss Jasmine Mcaninly Jasmine.Mcaninly@education.vic.gov.au  
Information Technology Support
  Mr Richard Baby Richard.Baby@education.vic.gov.au
Kitchen Support
  Mrs Judy Treacy Judy.Treacy@education.vic.gov.au
  Mrs Colleen Mathew Colleen.Mathew@education.vic.gov.au
School Canteen
Manager Mrs Lisa Petrie Lisa.Petrie2@education.vic.gov.au
School Maintenance
Cleaners Mr Ian Forster  
  Mr Andrew Forster  
Groundsman Mr Tom Free  
  Robert McFarlane  

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