BYOD – Bring your own device

YEAR 7 TO 12
Kerang Technical High School

Over the past few years and future building works, Kerang Technical High School has taken significant steps towards the attainment of a digital environment. This has included upgrades to the school network and wireless infrastructure and the implementation of the Tribal software for roll marking, reports and communication within our school community. Further developments of the school webpage, Facebook and soon to be implemented School stream app supports information sharing. In 2017/2018 we a take a further step towards integrating digital technologies into the curriculum by asking year 10 to12 students to bring their own personal digital learning device (BYOD – laptop or tablet computer) to school on a daily basis.
The changes we are making to the digital learning environment are crucial if we are to provide the appropriate learning framework for each student in our school. The demands for digital technology literacy can be found in all aspects of our lives. For young people, the demands for skills and literacy in this area of learning will only increase. The BYOD approach will ensure your child is equipped for the present and skilled appropriately for the future.
This booklet contains information for parents, carers and students on suitable devices, our BYOD policy, purchasing options and support resources. Students and families can design their digital learning through selecting a device that best suits their learning needs and future pathways.
BYOD Options
Students have three options:
1. Purchase a recommended device from our supplier
2. Purchase a recommended device from an independent store
3. Bring a suitable device from home if they already own one. Insurance and Warranty
We advise that all BYODs be covered by an extended warranty. When purchasing your laptop please consider accidental damage protection (ADP) for your device. ADP covers your device with accidental damage on and off the school campus. Fire and theft are usually not covered under these programs and we suggest you include it in your personal or home insurance. The insurance can be purchased with your computer vendor or any insurance company. All insurance claims must be settled between you and the insurance company.
Purchasing insurance for your BYOD is a personal choice.

Lost/Stolen and Damaged Laptops
Students are responsible for ensuring laptops are secure at all times. It is recommended that students do not leave their devices unattended in public places. KTHS is not responsible for any damage to student BYODs and will not be accountable for any lost or stolen student BYODs.

Students are responsible for:
• bringing portable devices fully–charged to school every day
• ensuring the device has appropriate virus protection
• backing up data securely
• carrying their device in an appropriate protective case at all times
• adhering to this Acceptable Use Agreement when using the machine, both at home and at school, including during lunchtime or when not in the classroom.

The full Acceptable Use Agreement can be found at

Overall Program
School support through Technicians

Support will be provided for:
• connecting the device to the school network, internet and other digital technologies
• set up and management of school, student email accounts
• all school-based software (including Office 365) and associated issues with school applications.

Support will not be provided for:
• connecting to home networks, the internet, printers, or other devices
• personal email accounts and settings
• software issues of own software.
• hardware issues including broken screens and keys.

The use of ICT within the classroom will be progressively implemented in the first years of the program with the intention of working towards a common instructional practice of integrating digital technologies in all subject areas and year levels across the school.
We do recognise that, like uniforms, supplies and extracurricular activities, a laptop computer for student use represents a significant investment for families. Please contact the school for any further support structures.
BYOD Options
Purchase a recommended device from our supplier
School Login – KTC2017

Purchase a recommended device from an independent store

Parents can choose to purchase a device outside of the recommended supplier.
For these devices KTHS will not be supported with warranty repairs. Minimum specifications need to be achieved.
Bring a suitable device from home if they already own one.

Devices that do not meet the minimum requirements may not be able to connect to KTHS resources and may not be able to be supported by teachers in classroom learning activities.

They are a reputable company that have been tested and approved by the Department Of Education and Training and they offer a number of products for entry level, mid-level and advanced computing.
We highly recommend that you purchase your device through “JB education”. The school technicians will facilitate repairs with JB Hi-Fi but will not provide this function to any devices that have been purchased elsewhere.
The “JB education” ordering portal has been specifically designed for school environments. The online portal is a step by step system allowing you to select your device, accessories (if applicable), extended warranty and insurance. They offer flexible payment methods and the device can be picked up directly from a store in a timely manner.

How it works
The online portal has been designed with user functionality in mind and offers a simple step by step navigation.
To pre-order your child’s education device, just follow these simple steps:
1. Go to
2. Select your school from the list and enter your Code – KTC2017
3. Follow the prompts, enter your details, then choose your items
4. Select a payment method and complete your pre-order
5. You can pick up your order from your nominated JB Hi-Fi store Device Options
1. Windows Based Laptop/netbook/notebook
2. Macbook device
3. Ipad (only with external Keyboard and appropriate Software)

** Android Tablets or devices with Chrome operating systems are not supported on the KTHS network as they are not compatible with our current software ***

Each device should have Insurance, Suitable protective Storage and Virus protection.
Minimum Requirements
Operating system Win7/Win8.1/Win10
Wireless 802.11n
Min screen size 11”
Hard Drive storage 120GB HDD
Ram 4 GB or higher
Minimum Battery life 6 Hours

Macbook Pro
Operating System: OS X 10.7 or higher
iPad Pro 12.9-inch or iPad Air 2 with minimum 64GB plus
External Keyboard, suitable protective cover and Insurance/Warranty
Acceptable Use Policy
Full Document is available on the schools Website. No BYOD devices will be connected to KTHS network until a Signed Acceptable Use Agreement is returned.
The Acceptable Use Agreement applies to all digital technologies and environments, including (although not limited to):
• school owned ICT devices (e.g. desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, interactive boards)
• mobile phones and student owned devices
• email and instant messaging
• internet and intranet
• social networking sites (e.g. Facebook)
• video and photo sharing websites (e.g. YouTube)
• blogs or micro-blogs (e.g. Twitter)
• forums, discussion boards and groups (e.g. Google groups)
• wikis (e.g. Wikipedia)
• vod and podcasts
• video conferences and web conferences.

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