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    2 days ago

    Photos from Kerang Technical High School's post

    Our staff and students have been very busy this week with a number of excursions organised.
    Here's a snap shot of the Unit 2 Chemistry students visiting the Kerang Water Treatment Plant yesterday.

    We also had the Year 9 students attend the
    BRIT TAFE careers day. The students had the opportunity to attend various sessions including the Automotive Session, Animal Studies & the Horticulture & land conservation. ... See more

    3 days ago

    Photos from Kerang Technical High School's post

    KTHS students involved with the KLTA junior coaching program today and tomorrow as participants and coaches. Any juniors wishing to give tennis is a go, registrations are Friday night at the club ... See more

    6 days ago

    14 – 20 October
    Did you know that only 4% of Australians are consuming enough vegetables per day? Tryfor5 is an annual campaign run by Nutrition Australia during

    Ask yourself, do you eat enough vegetables? How can you increase your vegetable consumption to make a healthier you? ... See more

    1 week ago

    Kerang Technical High School are looking for a new Business Manager.

    1 week ago

    LMR Athletics bus due into Kerang at 5.10pm

    1 week ago

    What a way to finish off the day- 3rd place for the 17yr old male relay team. Well done Archer, Ethan, Brandon and Alex.

    1 week ago

    Photos from Kerang Technical High School's post

    What a magnificent day we've had at the Loddon Mallee Region Athletics.

    Individual results:

    Tayla Champion - 2nd Shot Put, 3rd Javelin
    Ethan McKnight - 2nd Javelin
    Memphis Benton- 1.40m in the ... See more

    1 week ago

    Photos from Kerang Technical High School's post

    Year 10 Food - Waffle Challenge. Check out some of our amazing waffle creations from the Year 10 Food Studies today. The students are designing waffles, hoping to get some of them to feature on ... See more

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